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Special Workshops

Focused workshops on art & design disciplines and techniques

Our studio services are adjusted depending on the age group and special interests of attendees, while they are further modified to fit the various group or individual needs that occur.

The Art Hub’s workshop supervisors and instructors are constantly updating and re-imagining the workshop delivery methodology and content, proposing thus new ways of understanding the fundamentals of art and design.

Visiting visual artists and designers are invited throughout the year to create and deliver special interest workshops to enrich the attendees experiences.

See below for reccurring special workshops.


What we do

Addressing the creative needs and expressions of the local community, we design and perform various activities. Our space is open to all ages and all levels of art and design enthousiasts- a collective driven by creativity.

We invite young children, teenagers and adults to explore the possibilities of creative thinking and making, offering a range of subjects like academic drawing and painting, life drawing, ceramics and printmaking,  as well as digital practices like digital media, still and moving image design workshops.